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Long luxurious lashes are only a wink away.

Full, long and natural-looking lashes are no longer just a fairy tale but now a real, live, happy-ending for women worldwide. Mascara and strips are the relics of time gone by. They are the echo of a period when women had to deal with embarrassing mishaps like raccoon eyes, disappearing false lashes and unsightly caked-up glue.

BUT NO MORE, thanks to new and innovative techniques in lash extensions... Lets Get Lavish is able to increase the length of your lashes by leaps and bounds, bonding synthetic or real fiber hair bonding synthetic or real fiber hair to your actual eyelashes. This painless and relaxing procedure leaves the recipient with the perfect set of lashes.

The extensions are completely complementary to the active lifestyle of women today. With lash extensions, nothing is off-limits -- feel free to swim, shower and simply live life as you would if you had grown Lets Get Lavishes yourself.

Though this miracle lash may sound too good to be true, wait a minute...because it gets better. A set lasts six to eight weeks. This is a value that far surpasses the sometimes twice weekly ritual of the strip or the daily hassle of mascara. If a wearer wishes to extend the life of her set, fills are recommended in order to maintain consistent fullness.

Permanent Cosmetics

At Lets Get Lavish, we also offer Permanent Cosmetics.
The use of Permanent Cosmetics dates back to Egyptian times as Cleopatra was one of the first to have Permanent Cosmetics performed. These services have been popular for decades in Europe and are now rising in popularity in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and Boston. Join the elite group of women who are using permanent cosmetics to give you lasting timeless beauty!